Stealth is totally broken, invisibility with low backstab being preferred for assassin-like play
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Stealth is totally broken, invisibility with low backstab being preferred for assassin-like play
Stealth sucks

I can have 100 stealth and stealthy talent with 20+DEX and it is totally underpowered. With Backstab/Stealth at 100 and stealthy talent it is still 10% of what invis + 20 points in backstabbing give. Possible fixes:

1. Introduce sound/light physics to ADOM

CONS: Except being weeks of dev time to get it right (lighter armours giving less noise so stealth more equals invis, torches/crystals that give light are sadly not existing as in Brogue) not guaranteed to succeed.

2. Make maxed stealth+stealthy close to invisible

PROS: easy to implement, allows for new ways of tackling the game

3. Make invis spell/items somehow easier for assassin/thieves types to get

CONS: Not all of them know how to read/concentrate/cast, half a fix

4. Reimplement stealth mechanics (stealthy more like invis until first attack/take into account burden, types of armours, intrinsics...)

PROS: easier to implement, still a lot of work (CONS)
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12-16-2012 07:15 PM
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I think best option is simply to improve effectiveness of stealth at high skill values. Magical solution not optimal IMHO since not all R/C are natural casters.

12-16-2012 08:15 PM
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Like JellySlayer, but across the board. The stealth checks in the game should be made lower. I would also like to see Stealth play a bigger role in Pickpocketing. In the sense that only unnoticed PC's can succesfully Pickpocket.

Reason being that access to the Thief's guild is relatively easy even with the current nerf to Pickpocketing. Effectively, PCs with a higher Stealth skill should have better chance of access than those without it or Invisibility.

I think the noisy armour suggestion is valid and should be implemented if not too much work.

12-17-2012 12:32 AM
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My suggestions:

1. Beef up the effect of Stealth skill for skill levels above 75.
2. Let choice of armour affect ability to be Stealthy, based primarily on metal type. Non-metal armour should have no effect on Stealth, lower metals should have more effect (greater reduction of Stealth) than higher metals, and there should be an ego type that nullifies noise and thus allows metal armour to be like non-metal armour with regards to stealth.
3. Let light sources cancel out stealth.
4. Make Stealth even more effective for thieves and assassins (and maybe rangers), while perhaps making it less effective for merchants, bards, farmers, and priests. Why? Thematic effect - merchants, bards, and priests are characters that should want to be noticed, while farmers would have no experience with being stealthy, since they usually work with domesticated animals and with plants.

Note that I don't want merchants, bards, and farmers to be even harder. I would want to see counterpoint modifications to the game to give them a few additional benefits.

12-17-2012 12:36 AM
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A bonus for light armour (similar to monk DV check) could work. Perhaps as an assassin exclusive power? At level 18 assassins with high stealth in light (<160s) armour are practically invisible. Attacking an enemy breaks this for several rounds.

Also a bonus to pickpocketing would be hugely suitable, and would make it more useful for thieves.

In general I must say I find high stealth can still be handy at the moment for avoiding monsters. But obviously the backstab gameplay style for assassins could be emphasised a lot more.

12-17-2012 02:42 AM
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Rangers don't actually have stealth. I've always thought that was weird.

12-17-2012 02:44 AM
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Ranger lore varies immensely from game to game.

12-18-2012 12:18 AM
The Creator
Making stealth almost like invisibility IMHO is too powerful. I have adjusted the effectiveness of stealth a little in p8. As it is always on I think it should come with decent although not overpowering benefits.

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