tiny quarrels are not affixable, except with heir
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tiny quarrels are not affixable, except with heir

Tiny quarrels (black hurthling or dark elven) are normally not affixable but dark elven archers with heir talent will start with 40 winged dark elven quarrels of hunting.

I'm not sure which one is the bug here though, is it tiny quarrels not being affixable or heir being able to give them with affixes.

How to reproduce:
Either wish for tiny quarrels/dark elven quarrels/black hurthling quarrels for a few hundred times (archmage) and note that none of them have affixes, or trust the code divers who checked the affixability.
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Issue Number 1486
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12-18-2012 01:10 PM
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The same goes for rocks (hurthlings).

12-18-2012 01:21 PM
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Quote Originally Posted by grobblewobble
The same goes for rocks (hurthlings).
Good point, I just remembered they doesn't start with tiny quarrels but didn't think they'd start with winged rocks. :)

12-18-2012 04:26 PM
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Well, this makes the heir gift valuable, doesn't it?

01-10-2013 06:24 PM
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Fixed. They now can have prefixes and suffixes.

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