Gods/Universal Forces and their sense of humor
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Gods/Universal Forces and their sense of humor
A word about Mist Elf crowning...

After the recent update, it seems that iron artifacts do indeed hurt Mist Elves now. That's nice and dandy, but then this happened

>Be a ME Duelist
>Get L+
>Get crowned
>iron gauntlets

Thus, after spending quite a time getting the right alignment, sacrificing few artifacts and lots of gold to bring myself up to the needed piety... I got an artifact that hurts me whenever I try to use it. Seems quite punishing for being a champion. Wouldn't it be better if Mist Elves weren't crowned with stuff that means potential prolonged suicide for them? Since otherwise, crowning with a Mist Elf seems partially wasted effort
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01-16-2013 07:29 AM
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Personally, I think all gauntlets should be OK for MEs. The metal part of a gauntlet is never on the inside, but on the outside attached to a glove.

07-08-2014 04:37 AM
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I have adjusted this... somewhat.

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