Losing stats when only hungry?
issueid=1844 01-24-2013 07:55 AM
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Losing stats when only hungry?
Losing stats when only hungry

My Chaos Knight lost a statpoint on 4 different stats in one turn while he was just hungry.
There were no messages, so it was not caused by abusing the stats.
It was a temporary effect, i.e. the stats were restored after eating.

I am not entirely sure if this is a bug, I have seen these stat decreases before, but only under a more severe hunger status.
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Issue Number 1844
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
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Priority 4
Affected Version ADOM 1.2.0 pre 9
Fixed Version ADOM 1.2.0 pre 21
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01-24-2013 09:46 AM
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Not a bug. TB recently changed the way Starvation works. Basically, it takes you a lot longer to get to Starving! from Hungry, but you start losing stats before you get there.

01-24-2013 11:22 AM
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Thanks, missed that. I have added some feedback to bug #1399.

01-24-2013 01:33 PM
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I actually think it may very well be a bug, even if it arised as a side effect of the starvation change. It probably wasn't intentional.

01-24-2013 01:54 PM
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Agreed it is almost certainly a bug since it is exactly opposite in intent to what the suggestion was asking for that TB implemented. I think it's fine to have this bug report, as the one I opened about this was massively wrong in its title/original description.

Also this is a very high priority, imo (greater than a 5), so you might want to change that :)

01-24-2013 02:48 PM
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8 was already greater than 5, but I changed it to 4. Don't want to make Thomas unhappy :)

01-24-2013 02:52 PM
Ancient Member
Well, higher priority is lower number (1 is highest, 10 is lowest), so I guess my post is a bit confusing, but it all worked out in the end :p

01-24-2013 03:04 PM
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Fortunately I am confusion resistant, Theta. I was just pretending to misunderstand you :)

01-24-2013 03:17 PM
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It can't be intentional, otherwise there's no point in progressively warning the PC about hunger. Might as well do away with the "Hungry" statuses and make the PC take a bit longer to go from regular satiation to straight starvation in that case :p

11-23-2013 09:18 AM
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If this is intended, at least let the player know through a message or much better let the attributes only drop when reaching the 'very hungry status' indicated by 'Hungry!'.

01-22-2014 08:24 PM
Senior Member
Agreed with Stingray.

01-23-2014 06:46 AM
The Creator
So this effect now only kicky in with "Hungry!" and beyond. Additionally you will get a more serious warning when becoming "Hungry!", the tutorial contains an extra hint explaining the temporary attribute deterioration and I have enlarged the distance between "Hungry" and "Hungry!" (without altering the total speed of starvation).

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