Strange companion behavior
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Strange companion behavior
A companion gone hostile is still treated as a companion

I brought two companions with my character to TF4: a balor and a greater fire elemental. At some point after becoming critically injured, the elemental went hostile. It was attacking me and showed up as (hostile) when targeted with a missile or looked at. However, the following strange things also happened:

- When issuing orders to my balor, the prompt still read "select which companion you want to issue an order to".
- I could still issue orders to the elemental.
- The balor did not attack the elemental automatically like it did other hostiles.
- The elemental did not attack the balor.
- The balor did not attack the elemental when ordered to.
- When the elemental was ordered to attack the balor, they engaged each other (the balor prevailed).

It looks like the elemental was still flagged as being my companion even though it had turned hostile.
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Issue Number 1998
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03-04-2013 03:37 PM
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I wonder if the elemental was hostile because of becoming panicked rather than the usual companion betrayal. Still buggy behaviour regardless.

08-19-2016 10:25 PM
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Should be fixed now.

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