Digging pits in D:49
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Digging pits in D:49
Inconsistent behaviour when digging downwards in the ice level

Something I recently remembered: Years ago, the very first time I got to D:49 (the frictionless ice level), I tried to solve it by digging the ice on the ground away with a pickaxe. Well, TB apparently had never thought of that: What resulted was just a pit, but more importantly, I couldn't climb out of it by the usual means (walking in some direction). The game claimed that I would slip and fall. It's also impossible to throw anything while in a pit, so I couldn't move my character that way either. I thought that I had ruined my game by becoming permanently stuck! Luckily I discovered that 'a'pplying the climbing skill allowed me to escape.

But why would one method of climbing out of a pit work but not the other? The game apparently thinks that any attempted movement is on the ice and thus automatically fails, overriding situation-specific interpretations like climbing out of a pit.

The game should either

1) make it impossible to dig the ground on D:49
2) make movement attempts inside pits on D:49 behave the same as anywhere else
3) allow digging the ice away as an alternate solution, making walkable ground tiles.
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06-19-2013 04:13 PM
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I noticed this behavior while testing all sorts of weird stuff on D: 49, but thought it might be intentional. I vote for point no. 2 if it is to be changed.

04-21-2014 06:01 PM
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