Adjust corruption rates on the late levels
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Adjust corruption rates on the late levels

During the discussions about new quests two things were brought up:
  • There are not enough interesting quests later on to hold the interest of the player.
  • There is by far not enough experience to be gained (in contrast to background corruption killing you in the meantime) on the later dungeon levels (say 30+ in the CoC). This results in many cool class abilities never becoming available or being used.
The former will be fixed by separate tickets but the latter needs adjustment, too, as more quests but still not enough time to do them probably are not the best combination. Thus I am going to slow down the rate at which corruption is collected at later levels. The resulting easier game play hopefully can be more than adequately compensated by new interesting alternating (but partially required) quests.

So the issue is about: lowering the corruption rate in deep dungeon levels.
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