Wand of wonder caused a game crash
issueid=2821 04-18-2014 08:12 PM
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Wand of wonder caused a game crash

I don't know exactly what conditions caused this but I got a critical internal error very soon after starting a new game.
I rolled a merchant who specialized on wands and started with a wand of wonder (2 charges).
I instantly entered the first wilderness square and started zapping the wand. First zap gave some light and nothing weird happened. Second zap was summon monsters (got more prompt telling I try to summon some monsters) but the game segfaulted before the monsters appeared (crashed with critical internal error 11).

This happened with 64 bit ubuntu ascii version.
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Issue Number 2821
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
Category Linux
Status Fixed
Priority 1 - Highest
Affected Version ADOM 1.2.0 pre 21
Fixed Version ADOM 1.2.0 pre 22
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04-19-2014 06:14 AM
The Creator
Just to make sure: Were you standing on a statue when you zapped the wand?

04-19-2014 06:15 AM
The Creator
Oops, my fault. I missed that you were in the wilderness, so obviously there was no statue.

04-19-2014 07:59 AM
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Got this to happen again. This time on first level of the new starter dungeon on staircase. Again everything went fine until the wand of wonder tried to cast summon monsters, which then crashed the game.
Attached a save game for more details, all I did from that position was to go to the nearest dungeon and started zapping those wands of wonder until it crashed.

04-19-2014 01:04 PM
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It's definitely summon monsters spell that causes the crash. Found a spellbook of summon monsters with a wizard and casting it crashed the game as well.

04-19-2014 02:14 PM
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I wish I checked this thread. Just killed off my level 17 priest in the darkforge while trying to summon animals to tame and lead through traps.

Edit: I also confirmed the summon crash with a fresh wizard.

04-19-2014 08:24 PM
The Creator
Fixed. It was caused by the adjustment in the number of monsters being summoned by opponents.

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