Pickpocketing buffing monsters
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Pickpocketing buffing monsters

In previous prereleases failed pickpocketing (even repeatedly) does not change actual threat level of monster.

Now if you fail pickpockets a couple of times, monsters gain additional attack and _A LOT_ of damage, enough to instakill weak characters in one or two turns, without any warning messages. This may be intended, but there should be atleast some warning that monster gained damage and extra attack!

Also pickpockets chance seems to be as low as before, without noticeable changes - thus making advance to Thief's Guild actually _harder_, despite lowered requirements.

In 1.1.1 version there was +10/+20 penalty to pickpocketing for aggroed(?) monster, which changed in prereleases to +100/+200 (that is _a lot_), and unchanged in p21. I've playtested reducing this to +60/+120, and that was quite a nice balance, while current overall changes seems to be unimportant and even harmful when they are needed the most - in the early game.
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04-19-2014 10:20 PM
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Fixed and adjusted.

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