Ice Queen loops after completing her 3rd quest
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Ice Queen loops after completing her 3rd quest
Ice Queen will repeat dialogue and drop reward again on every 'C'hat after completing her 3rd quest

You talk to the ice queen.
"Welcome back, mortal!"
"Ah, Hotzenplotz has paid for his crimes?"
"Very well!"
"Take this small trinket as a sign of my gratitude." The ice queen drops an amulet of order in front of you.

She did this three times in a row for me when 'C'hatted to, dropping an amulet of order every time.
(I then stopped doing it, presumably she would have carried on forever!)
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05-02-2014 12:46 AM
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This must create an interesting situation with Fast_More enabled. Enough amulets of order to throw at your enemies throughout the entire game :D

05-05-2014 02:48 PM
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