Perma-paralyzed companion
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Perma-paralyzed companion

So I've noticed the following lines in the message log:

The mist wolf attacks the ghost bat. The mist wolf misses the ghost bat. The
ghost bat attacks the mist wolf. The ghost bat misses the mist wolf. The
mist wolf attacks the ghost bat. The mist wolf suddenly can't move! You hear a
ripping sound.

My mist wolf companion has been standing motionless for over 500 turns now, 'l'ook command doesn't show any status. I can't check the tile version as it's from the server.

Perhaps introduced by this issue --

To my knowledge ghost bats don't have neither paralytic skin, nor paralyzing attacks. They do have an aging attack though.
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05-04-2014 06:08 PM
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Fixed. Yes, you are correct, it was introduced by issue 1363 (the wrong function is used to check for paralytic skin).

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