Cannot move to contiguous square using mouse when enemies are near
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Cannot move to contiguous square using mouse when enemies are near

If I am near a monster, I cannot left-click a square contiguous to my player in order to move to it. The game says "Not while in the vicinity of a potentially hostile monster".

I can see where this is coming from - the idea is probably not to allow auto-movement to a distant square while under attack by monsters, which makes sense and is coherent with the w+arrow behavior. However, I really think the option should be enabled when the square clicked by the player is contiguous to their location - i.e. when clicking with the mouse is equivalent to using an arrow key. This would be really useful because

- Diagonal movement is still a pain on laptops and clicking to move is actually a not-too-bad solution.
- If the long-term goal is to have ADOM be fully playable with the mouse (which makes sense for noobs, and for possible tablet ports), this is a must.
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