PC starting w/ 1 willpower
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PC starting w/ 1 willpower

Rolled a new male Dwarven Duelist, born under the sign of the Dragon, random stat generation (no question system). Starting stats (current/potential/spc):
St 17/25/0 Le 16/21/0 Wi 0/12/1 Dx 15/20/0 To 15/31/0 Ch 10/14/0 Ap 10/13/0 Ma 10/14/0 Pe 14/16/0

So yeah, starting with 0 willpower, not great. I mean, that class doesn't much use it but jeez. I suspect this is related to the bug a few versions ago where characters would start with horribly low stats. (http://www.adom.de/forums/project.php?issueid=3126). Possibly the same thing, but the fix didn't cover star signs, an easy oversight since only Dragon applies a stat decrease?

Also, it may or may not be a bug that so many of my starting attributes are so even. Two 15s and three 10s seems unlikely (but really might just be random chance)

Edit: Rolled another one, same thing as before except this time as a female Dwarven Duelist, dragon star sign, random stat gen. Willpower is right about where it should be (9 base, 20 potential). So now I've got no clue what happened.
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