Mouse click - unable to move away from hostile monster
issueid=3310 08-29-2014 05:12 PM
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Mouse click - unable to move away from hostile monster
Click moving does not work when you are adjacent to others

When using the mouse click move feature, it seems to act like continuous move so if you are next to a hostile monster it will not work. For example, if you are fighting a monster in melee and want to run away, clicking won't work.

It's an issue for beginners and I'm submitting a bug because the click move command doesn't work properly. This should be fixed before the steam release.

Overall, mousing in general needs to be improved (common things like opening doors have to be easier)
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Issue Number 3310
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
Category Windows 7 (NotEye)
Status Fixed
Priority 7
Affected Version ADOM r50
Fixed Version ADOM r51
Milestone Initial Steam Release
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08-29-2014 06:12 PM
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This has somewhat improved in the latest dev version, but I suggest the following changes:

- W*alk mode is on by default only when no monsters are in sight
- When you're in combat (=hostiles in sight) you switch to "precision mode" - so you move only one tile at a time, and attack once per click (right now autoattacking is default, including following the monster around. This is probably not ideal).
Autoattack can be triggerd by shift/control/alt+click I guess?

Very good suggestions with easier door opening etc. I think the team is already working on that :) As well as making mouse movement work on the world map and some other improvements.

Also different cursors for looking/attacking and some other basic actions are coming :)

08-31-2014 10:06 PM
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Please have a look as these bug reports as they look like they are probably all related to the same code, and they cover some more ground than this report:

3237 Cannot move with mouse to square contiguous to monster
3235 Cannot move to contiguous square using mouse when enemies are near
3234 Mouse movement does not work in wilderness

I agree these issues should be considered an absolute must before the Steam release - new players are going to attempt to move with the mouse in all these situations.

10-21-2014 07:40 PM
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Fixed. Please post separate RFEs for other special modes/maneuvers/mouse commands and do not clump them into one ticket.

This stuff is quite difficult to handle internally and having several difficult things in one tickets makes it a mess to handle.

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