Woodcraft skill's possible benefits
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Woodcraft skill's possible benefits
Woodcraft skills gives better critical chance with plants, aids travelling through forests

I wanted to tell about new possible use of Woodcraft skill.
Perhaps Woodcraft skill may add some slaying power in melee fighting with plants: animated trees, shambling mounds, green slimes and green blobs.
Also travelling in the forests of Wilderness may be faster if PC has a hatchet as a tool or as a weapon.
"Whoever uses this skill is able to act competently while crossing woods and trying to work on trees. Many woodcutters and Rangers learn this skill."
Thank you for your attention.
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10-17-2014 02:27 PM
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Maybe not add a slaying power, but I like the idea of increased chance for critical hits to plants.

And in order to not overcomplicate the travelling skill, I would suggest simply less food consumption (and maybe less elapsed time) when travelling in forests with higher woodcraft skill.

11-02-2014 01:14 PM
The Creator
I do not like the traveling idea as I doubt that forest will be that overgrown all the time. But I like giving small bonuses to score critical hits on lang monsters. Implemented.

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