Inconsistency in Kranach Quest
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Inconsistency in Kranach Quest

From the discussion in this thread, it looks like there is some inconsistency in how the game handles the Kranach quest. As I understand it, and testing appears to confirm, the Kranach leaves the area if the PC hits level 6, or 5000 xps, whichever comes first. The latter is relevant for trolls in particular, and maybe mist elves.

However, if you talk to Tywat Pare, he will only tell you Kranach is gone once you reach level 6, not at the 5000 xps condition. So it's possible that the quest is actually impossible to complete, but the game won't bother telling you about it until you gain more experience. It is in fact possible to get assigned the quest when it is already impossible to complete.

Suggested fix: Make Pare's dialogue consistent between the level 6 and 5000 xps cases.
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