ADOM crashes after casting Summon Monsters
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ADOM crashes after casting Summon Monsters

So I was in the midst of pacifying the Big Room, and I stumbled onto a spellbook of summon monsters. I already had a cage of doors for mobs in the big room, plus all my doors were locked with Magic Lock, so I figured I'd try out Summon Monsters to try and pack them in faster than waiting for breeders to spawn.

I opened the northernmost door, stepped in, and was attacked by a few of the locals, and cast Summon Monsters. ADOM immediately crashed.

Character was a level 15 female Mist Elf Wizard on D:6 (big room). No recent saves are available for reproduction.

I loaded up exploration mode, and used the wand of wishing to get spellbooks of summon monster. ADOM still crashed when cast by a level one female mist elf wizard, as well as a level one male human wizard. It looks like this is a general crash when that spell is cast.

Guess I'm done with ADOM for a while. Losing characters to YASD is annoying, but makes me want to try again and do better. Losing characters to crashing is just incredibly frustrating.

Please also implement one or more of the savegame features discussed in other threads.
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Issue Number 3425
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
Category Windows 7
Status Fixed
Priority 2
Affected Version ADOM r52
Fixed Version ADOM r53
Milestone Initial Steam Release
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11-23-2014 08:59 AM
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Probably related issues: issue 1802, issue 2821

11-23-2014 09:00 AM
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@Waladil: there should be a file named <character>.bak in your save game folder, just rename/copy it to <character>.svg to continue this game.

11-23-2014 10:34 AM
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I didn't get any error message, but it looks like the same as issue 2821 except I was casting from memory instead of a wand. It's odd that TB listed that one as fixed months ago though. Maybe the fix was only on the wand-cast version instead of the learnt one? (I have no idea if the game treats spells from wands of wonder any differently than the regular spell. Just spitballin' ideas.)

Also, I know about the .bak file, but since that character was a single session from birth until crash, when I restored the backup it was all the way to level one turn one, a complete restart except for character generation. That's why I asked for one of the savegame features people have been discussing to be implemented, such as having .bak files auto-update every 1,000 turns.

11-23-2014 03:26 PM
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New bug, new fix, similar cause. I now have added a huge comment to the monster summoning code section to prevent repeating this problem again and again. I'm very sorry. The implementation of in R52 caused this new problem.

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