Potions of Cure Corruption don't seem to auto-id when drunk
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Potions of Cure Corruption don't seem to auto-id when drunk

I brought the ACW's corpse to Guth'Alak, and he gave me a blessed misty potion, which I called "PoCC." A while later, after stashing it, I came back to it with another misty potion (of unknown BUC status), and drank the first potion. It cured a corruption (I think it was mana battery) just fine. But the other misty potion still showed up as a "misty potion," not a "potion of cure corruption." A blessed scroll of identify confirmed that it was indeed a potion of cure corruption.

This seems like a bug since only one type of potion can cure corruptions, just like only one type of scroll can identify/uncursed items and so on.
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The same is true for a scroll of chaos resistance/corruption removal.
Once read and its effect visible (corruptions removed), it doesn't get added to the list of identified items.
Monks cannot write it even if they read it already.
Only identifying using a scroll works.

01-14-2015 06:17 AM
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Fixed. The items will only be identified if the PC "notices" their effect in some way.

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