Improve melee weapon mastery talent
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Improve melee weapon mastery talent

(Tangentially related to the improves talents issue.)

This is one of the most expensive talents to invest in, yet I think most would agree it is easily surpassed by other, slightly less expensive branches like heir, treasure hunter, etc.

Unless it is intended to be a throw-away talent to beguile ignorant players into wasting their talent points, I think it could do with some improvement.

There are two ways : make it more affordable, and make it more powerful.

Some suggestions: for affordability, make weapon skill able to stand in place for affinity requirements, after reaching a certain level in it (say, 10 or 12).

For improving the actual talent, I suggest +3/3 as now, or +7%/7%, whichever is higher. Then its effects won't be petty at the end game.
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02-13-2018 03:03 PM
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"Melee Weapon Master" now adds +6 to hit and damage and reduces the melee attack cost to 900 energy.

02-13-2018 03:04 PM

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