Game hangs on gaining first Corruption
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Game hangs on gaining first Corruption
Mac noteye versions stop when first corruption occurs.


My first bug report, so apologies in advance if I've got it wrong. I've had some trouble with the recent versions of the game such that as soon as the first corruption occurs, the game hangs and refuses to respond to any further keyboard or mouse inputs. ( I get the "Press \ to review your state of corruption" and the corruption message e.g. "Suddenly a great hatred and anger takes control of you" , but never get any response from the keyboard from this point on) I've had this problem on several different characters on 2 different computers (running different levels of OSX (10.6.8 and 10.8.5) in both of the last 2 versions of Adom (R55 Noteye and R56 Noteye). In 2 cases I've left the computer running for another 12 hours to see if it sorts itself out, but nothing changes (apart from the laptop getting hotter as it's running at>80% of it's Processor capability on Adom alone). After this I've had to quit the ADOM process through the activity monitor screen. The corruption has been triggered by both background corruption and monster attack. As I had to crash out, I could't find any backup files saved after the bug occurred, but if there are usefull files that should be there I'm happy to try and find them if someone tells me what to go looking for.
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Issue Number 3670
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
Category Mac OS X >= 10.5 (NotEye)
Status Fixed
Priority Unknown
Affected Version ADOM r55
Fixed Version ADOM r57
Milestone Initial Steam Release
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I can confirm the problem. ADOM is asking a question (which isn't displayed) and waits for either the "y" or "n" key.

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