Game Difficulty Settings Change Themselves
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Game Difficulty Settings Change Themselves

Sometimes the game difficulty settings will change for no reason. The settings seem to always be: (Hunger: off, Corruption: off, Monster Difficulty: low, Treasure Rate: low, Game mode: roguelike (permadeth))

Steps to reproduce:
1. Have no saved games
2. Open ADOM and get to the menu
3. Select "restore an old game." It will of course tell you that there is no saved game available. Return to menu.
4. Create a new character.

The difficulty settings are now shown as said above. Screenshot also attached.

If that character dies/quits and you start a new character without trying to restore first, the new character will have normal difficulty.
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Issue Number 3726
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Affected Version ADOM r57
Fixed Version ADOM r58
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This happens to me too, you can click the settings area and reset them before starting the game but I agree it is annoying.

06-15-2015 04:16 PM
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