Simplify "walk explore"
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Simplify "walk explore"

Currently it uses w?

Which I only now noticed to be very complicated on US keyboards (and even on German keyboards two keypresses). Note: I need to play with a US keyboard.

I propose to use '-' (minus) as a short key for that.
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11-19-2015 02:49 PM
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On UK layout ~ is next to the enter key and suffers the same problem as ?

11-19-2015 02:59 PM
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On the Spanish layout, ~ is practically nonexistent. You can do it with AltGr+4 but it's not even visually shown in many keyboards (e.g. in mine). I know how to type it because I'm a programmer, but 99% of Spanish laypeople probably don't know that symbol can even be typed. So that wouldn't be a good choice.

11-19-2015 05:37 PM
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Quote Originally Posted by baws
The main problem I have with w? is that it means excessive moving of my hands (UK keyboard). Ideally I want to rest my left hand over w and the left side of the keyboard and my right hand on the numpad. To use ? I have to move the right hand to the middle of the keyboard to press shift+/, then I have to move back to the numpad as I usually want to move after that.
On my UK keyboard version I just use the left shift with my little finger and press w with my middle finger, both on the left hand. Then use the right for the numpad as suggested. If I need to press ? I use left shift in the same way and hit the / key with my right hand. I don't personally see any issue with that, but if it affects others I guess it's important. In contrast though the ~ key is the shift version of # and is literally only one key farther up and right. It makes a difference but maybe not a large one. It's still useful, though.

06-15-2016 11:06 PM
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"0" (zero) now also has been added. There now should be something for everyone ;-)

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