Spellchecking the Steam Achievements
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Spellchecking the Steam Achievements

While reading through the Steam Achievements for ADOM I noticed a little typo:

Everything For This Moment
Ursurp the throne of Chaos.

Ursurp should read "Usurp".

Sacrifical fodder needs an extra i and capitalisation change to read "Sacrificial Fodder".

There are a few tiny issues with capitalisation as well, just to match the style of all the others and to make the whole thing seem that tiny bit more polished. Notably:

Well-known Demi-Urge -> Well-known Demi-urge
Sacrifical fodder (as above) -> Sacrificial Fodder
Master alchemist -> Master Alchemist
Power at my fingertips -> Power at my Fingertips
Plant hater -> Plant Hater
Revered martyr -> Revered Martyr
Lucky sip -> Lucky Sip
Free Griff's Soul. -> Free Griff's soul.

And some grammatical suggestions:

Went through Living Forest not attacking any trees.
This achievement text isn't grammatically correct - it's missing a couple of words. It also sounds different from the majority of achievements.
The others are all in 'command' form, so this could be "Make your way through the Living Forest without attacking any trees." or a shorter version "Get through the Living Forest without attacking any trees."

Killed monster with alchemical fireball.
This could be changed to "Kill a monster with an alchemical fireball." to restore both the 'commanding' structure of the achievement and provide a fix for the missing grammar.

Complete the game after having killed 95% of every type of non-unique monster in the game.
This makes sense, but it scans wrong. It sounds like you have to kill 95% of each species of monster you encounter (95% of all orcs, 95% of all trolls, etc).
It might perhaps scan better as "Complete the game after having killed at least one of 95% of the types of non-unique monsters in the game.", but honestly, that feels really clunky. Would love suggestions.

Visit every town in Ancardia.
Nitpicking, but it's tempting to suggest "Visit every town in the Drakalor Chain." if Ancardia is more sprawling. In advance of ADOM 2, that is. ;)

Hope these help!
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11-19-2015 01:21 AM
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Also, I'm pretty sure it should be "Sacrificial Fodder" not "Sacrifical Fodder".

11-19-2015 04:46 PM
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Yep, sorry, missed that! Changing now.

01-23-2016 03:31 PM
jt jt is offline
Fixed, expect the last two suggestions.

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