Blank menu after NotEye settings in Steam release (R63)
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Blank menu after NotEye settings in Steam release (R63)

So I was playing around with the Steam release (release 63) and found a problem when playing around with the settings, that leads to a blank menu..

It's pretty easy to duplicate: Launch the game, go to the "Settings" banner at the top-left, go into "Expert Settings" which will show the old red-background NotEye settings (doesn't matter if you've been into the audio/video/game settings first), then press the Enter/Return key to leave the NotEye settings .. you will then get a screen which appears to have entries, but is completely blank. (I'll add a screenshot.)

Not knowing what any of the blank entries are -- they highlight when I mouse over them -- I press the "z" key to exit instead, which does return me to the main intro screen again. Saved by years of ADOM keyboard navigation. :) But newbies without "z" key knowledge might feel quite lost.

This is on my Windows 10 laptop. (Clean Windows 10 install, brand new install of ADOM.) I was also able to duplicate it on OS-X.
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Issue Number 4103
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Affected Version ADOM r63 (v2.0.2)
Fixed Version ADOM r64 (v2.0.3)
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11-26-2015 11:33 AM
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Yep, had this problem too esc key works to exit back too.

11-30-2015 06:09 AM
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Fixed by Zeno.

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