Improve (rewrite) comfortable drop/pick up
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Improve (rewrite) comfortable drop/pick up
Since character generation was completely rewritten I though came into my mind that it's possible to rewrite other parts of the game to improve user experience.

I feel like this is really important part of the game since in ADOM everyone loves to carry a lot of items and dropping picking them up is always required due to a thousand of reasons.

This is how it could look like:

Here're changes I'm suggesting to make comfortable drop and pick up really comfortable:

  • Allow type filter and text filter for these screens. All selected items should be dropped / picked even if they're hidden by the filter at any moment which would allow both quickly searching for items and selecting multiple items from multiple categories in a time.
  • Allow line scrolling [*_] for these screens and connect it to mouse scrolling. Just for making it more comfortable. Ideally I'm for making this for all screens. Scrolling with arrow keys would be nice as well.
  • Add an option to drop / pick up selected items without leaving the screen or altering current filter and scrolling position. I suggest using [SPACE] for this action instead of additional keystroke but if everyone got used for [SPACE] to close the window - another key would be fine.
  • Add an option to discard all selection without dropping / picking up anything up and leave the dialog.
  • Add a command to select / unselect all filtered items.
  • Not that important but an option to select all unpaid, (un)identified, items with (un)known status, (non)cursed items would be nice (partially available with [:d] command).
  • Allow to switch between drop / pick up at no action points cost by pressing [Ctrl+p] / [Ctrl+d] on these screen. So If you accidently dropped or picked up anything you didn't planned to you have an ability to fix this without wasting a turn. Sorry but any arguments about balancing would sound weird here.
  • Allow to enter quantity of items to drop / pick up right on that screen instead of prompting about it afterwards. In my view the most viable option is to ask at the top / bottom of the screen about number of items once stack is selected (no additional dialog or message box). One can either use [0-9] and [backspace] to enter quantity or just ignore the prompt and select another item, navigate away or proceed with the drop pick up in which case just all items in the stack are meant to be selected.
  • Additionally to the previous point, display quantity of items in stack chosen for drop / pick up instead of "+" sign if not all stack is chosen. Shift letters and item titles left if there is not enough space to display the quantity.
  • For NotEye version buttons to increase / decrease quantity looking like [<] and [>] can be added (to avoid using keyboard if anyone want so).
  • Display weight of items selected and total weight with / without items selected for drop / pick up. Draw total weight in different colors: in yellow if it's beyond carrying capacity and in red if leads to overburdening.
  • Actual drop / pick up should occur only once dialog is left.
  • The last thing I would really love to see: navigate through the list with up / down arrow keys focusing items and selecting them with space. But space is unfortunately already reserved for these screens and I don't think change in this would be welcomed. Still there is an option to use another key for selecting or to initiate drop / pick up with another key.
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07-13-2017 08:38 PM
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Almost everything of this has been implemented. Only paging line by line no longer is possible. But I don't miss it.

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