Enhance random boss encounters
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Enhance random boss encounters

Random bosses are now like regular monsters + funny name + maybe random spell :)

give them 4x more hp and teleportation + self healing or high regeneration rate as permament spells/traits so encounter would be more interesting... (more like keethrax fight)
and some devastating random spells / abilities like:
- paralyzing attack
- acid bolt
- poisoning attack
- breathe lighting
- glowing balls
- darkness
- fireballs
- invisibility

I've met recently water breathing snake (Water Spider Assault Unit)... cool but he casted only once his spell before he died from 3 regular hits of mine non fighting class PC - DE necromancer...(my pc unharmed/unamused)
and he dropped nothing... :((

random bosses suck very much TB please fix that :))

I thought random bosses should be challenging and after killing one I will receive some pleasant reward / loot.
At least maybe eating boss corpse could increase 1 random attribute ?

And loot could be like at least some few higher DL items and few thousands of gold (guarranteed) ? :)

whaddya think ?
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08-01-2016 05:07 PM
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I wouldn't mind a small increase of hp, but your balancing is a little much. The whole point behind the bosses was so that the people who donated to the campaign to resurrect adom could make them. I think all the balancing that should be done to the bosses should not involve changing the bosses that these people made in a way such that they're different from how the people envisioned them.

08-01-2016 05:56 PM
ixi ixi is offline
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I wouldn't like to see a change in their abilities, however would love to see some tweaks mentioned in OP. Bosses do suck indeed. I'd do it this way:
  • Buff maximum & initial HP
  • Buff HP regeneration
  • Increase frequency of useable abilities (if possible)
  • Increase power of abilities (if possible, it should something like increase in MA & WI)
  • Buff AI (if possible, I'd bet ADOM has something like monster intelligence level)
  • Let them always drop a treasure - at least one item wouldn't be as disappointing as nothing. But I'd wish to get from a boss at least a chance of higher DL item.

Upd: something special from corpses as mentioned in OP would be nice as well.

08-01-2016 07:36 PM
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I voted no on this, particularly because the bosses are the campaign reward for people who donated enough. The only thing I'd agree on is probably the HP increase. Maybe also a slightly better item drop when killed. Absolutely nothing else.

If they need to be tougher encounters, make it then so that they can be generated a few levels before their actual danger level of that monster. That way, you might encounter a tougher bastard, who would still be exactly what the donors have designed.

08-01-2016 07:58 PM
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Voted against. Boss abilities were set by donors during the campaign, and some were likely designed to be easy--eg. a goblin that drops a big pile of loot. I think there are a few kinks in the boss monsters to be worked out (eg. some of the spellcasters probably have zero spellpower and so their confusion spells always fail), but I don't think completely redesigning their abilities is inappropriate.

Also note that some of these guys spawn at level 1, and the kinds of abilities being suggested would be completely unreasonable at this point in the game.

Extra HP is fine (though I think they've already had an HP buff from an earlier RFE), and maybe extra XP or loot (though all of these were also possible donor rewards, IIRC).

08-02-2016 04:11 AM
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Quote Originally Posted by ixi
[*]Increase power of abilities (if possible, it should something like increase in MA & WI)[*]Buff HP regeneration[*]Let them always drop a treasure - at least one item wouldn't be as disappointing as nothing. But I'd wish to get from a boss at least a chance of higher DL item.[/LIST]
Monsters don't have n either Mana nor true willpower.
Hp regen and loot (likely extra Hp too) was in the options donor could choose to add to his boss (personally, I think boss monsters should have had at least 1-2 few extra abilities to start wit h, but it's likely to late change that). So adding these to all would suck for people who choose these options.

08-23-2016 03:35 PM
The Creator
I now have made sure that all bosses are at least above-average in intelligence (which should make them use their special abilities more often).

Additionally they have been made slightly more robust (once again). Those with extra HP as a bonus still are at an advantage by being a _lot_ more robust.

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