Companion in blind rage, illogical messages
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Companion in blind rage, illogical messages
The messages are somewhat illogical when a pet goes into blind rage.

I had my trusty cave bear attack an acid vortex. Not surprisingly, it suffered heavy damage and went to be critically injured. For a few turns after that, it was still tame and non-panicking. But then, it decided to fight to death in blind rage and attacked me, even though I had not been aggressive against it in any way. Trying to re-tame it with music was hopeless, and when looking at it, I got the following message:

"This is a cave bear. It is hostile. It appears to be very experienced. The cave bear is critically injured."

So, a basic hostile monster now. But when I killed it, I got the message "You are horrified by the death of your friend!" I don't know if it affected my alignment.

Not sure if it qualifies as a friend anymore at that stage. ;)
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08-19-2016 10:13 PM
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Raging companions now (a) will be able to calm down once more and (b) will act more logically in general.

08-20-2016 01:03 AM
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Do they still remain permanently raging?

Edit : Nevermind, already answered.

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