Several achievements not working
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Several achievements not working
Either many achievements do not work, or they are described poorly in the achievements section.

Shoplifting the Casino shoppe with various techniques - no Ocean's Eleven awarded.

Purchased tons of items in one shop - no Give and Take awarded.

Stole an item worth over 350,000 gp from Barnabas's shop - no Avatar of Thieves awarded.

Did not play thieves and was not in position to try the invisibility theft so had to use teleportation or to anger the shopkeeper. But it's stealing nonetheless. If the prerequisite is also "...and don't get caught", it should be stated there.

Have won several ULEs with various characters - no Revered Martyr awarded. These have been attempted with R65, not R66 as stated in the bug report. Have yet to attempt it with R66. Also, how is that even different from The White Eagle?

Maybe I'm misunderstanding these, but with my logic they seem buggy :)
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08-18-2016 06:38 PM
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For reference (that's ugly summary of all I know on achievements).

For these in question:
Ocean eleven - must not anger shopkeeper (TB explained that robbery is not muggery, could use some explaining) -- essentially either use thief or block the door.

Avatar of thieves --- it's calculated on 'base price'. So it needs a very good artifact, displayed price does not matter. (teleporting out works, by the way)

Revered martyr (and chaos, balance equivalents) are failed ultras, need to kill ChAos god without trident equipped.

08-18-2016 07:20 PM
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I think the only achievement that is definitely not working is Lithium Man. Unless that's been recently fixed? A few others have fairly obscure requirements though.

08-18-2016 07:20 PM
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Ok, thanks for the explanations. I'm somewhat surprised that the RCT was not sufficient for the stealing by teleporting.

Anyways, this one can probably be closed as nonbug/duplicate/dumb reporter. :)

08-19-2016 04:11 AM
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I don't think it can be something that you sold and then stole back. You can steal the amulet of resurrection for the achievement on resurrection day.

08-23-2016 12:30 PM
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There was a problem with counting the necessary locations for Lithium Man. I have now adjusted this: You need 62 locations for the minimum win (according to my own understanding of ADOM :-) ):

1 - wilderness
50 - caverns of chaos (using the living tree level instead of DH)
4 - ToEF
7 - Mana temple branch

ADOM now checks this number in a hard-coded way (instead of the using the dynamic routine I obviously fumbled before).


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