(more) prompt doesn't work correctly (ASCII)
issueid=4463 09-19-2016 11:11 AM
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(more) prompt doesn't work correctly (ASCII)
New lines automatically replace older ones without giving a chance to read them

Previously when the two-line buffer became full, it always required you to press space for more. Now it just skips straight ahead; new lines automatically replace older ones without giving a chance to read them. Some instances such as when entering Terinyo still trigger the prompt.

This may make big fights faster but results in some awkward things like the date effect and standard starting message at the very beginning being immediately replaced by "A road." You have to go to the message buffer to read them. You may miss valuable info this way.

If this is intentional allow us at least to change it back in ADOM.CFG. (Or maybe I just didn't see the option?)

There are also some other small errors such as an N lingering on the screen (until a new message appears) after answering no to a y/n prompt.

I have only tested the DOS version for this. IIRC this was in R61 too. Related interface issue that still persists: http://www.adom.de/forums/project.php?issueid=4061
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Issue Number 4463
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
Category MS-DOS
Status Fixed
Priority 2
Affected Version ADOM r69 (v2.2.3)
Fixed Version ADOM r71 (v2.2.5)
Milestone Potential work pipeline
Users able to reproduce bug 3
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Assigned Users adom-admin
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09-19-2016 12:15 PM
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I can reproduce this. It's been around for some time.

09-27-2016 06:47 AM
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Fixed. The various message display modes introduced a while ago broke this.

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