Look displays piles of items twice
issueid=4759 05-31-2017 06:30 PM
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Look displays piles of items twice

Using the look command on a pile of multiple different items will show the same information twice. The exact behavior varies depending on which message buffer is used:

Two-line buffer:
As soon as you move the look cursor over a stack of items, you get a "You see the following items" message with a more prompt. Upon exiting the list of items, you get the same message with another more prompt. After exiting the list of items a second time, you are finally able to proceed.

Endless scrolling buffer:
Same behavior, but without more prompts. This gives the impression that the key used to exit the list of items didn't work the first time (if you are watching closely you can see that the list was opened a second time).
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Issue Number 4759
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
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Status Fixed
Priority 5 - Medium
Affected Version ADOM r72 (v2.2.6)
Fixed Version ADOM 2.3.0 (r73)
Milestone "Ease of Use" UI
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05-31-2017 07:57 PM
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I seriously wish I could vote a 100 times for this, it's a very annoying bug.

05-31-2017 09:31 PM
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This is actually one of the issues stopping me from playing recent version ADOM...

06-24-2017 09:23 PM
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This has been fixed due to the new an extended implementation of the look mode, see http://www.adom.de/forums/project.php?issueid=1969

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