Make Tywat Pare more distinct (and blue?)
issueid=4901 08-26-2017 03:18 AM
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Make Tywat Pare more distinct (and blue?)

Having just made my first real effort to play with graphics, I noticed Tywat Pare doesn't stand out much - he looks kinda like a different farmer. Also there's no blue from his ascii mode sprite.

I think that palette-swapping his jerkin to blue would make a bit difference.
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08-28-2017 10:33 AM
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Just wanted to say that this sort of feedback is invaluable. We've been looking at the same stuff for years, we can't see things that are obvious to newcomers (or veteran newcomers ;)) :)
Already on my TODO list.

08-28-2017 03:10 PM
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Perhaps we shouldn't assume everyone feels the same way as Shockeroo. Irony is the farmers are actually blue, not white.

08-28-2017 09:25 PM
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Well, this is the perfect place to voice any concerns about a Tywat clothing palette-change. :) I think it's a valid suggestion that we try to have some commonality between the ascii colours of some major characters and their graphical equivalent. (I hadn't considered this before.) If it doesn't look too odd, a little more blue to the clothing could be a good thing to try? We can always go back if people don't like the change. Personally, if people feel that the sheriff is a winter-colour kinda guy, so should obviously be in a nice strong blue, who am I to argue? ;)

(Or put it as an option in the config file! haha. Just kidding.)

08-28-2017 10:02 PM
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Give him a good ol fashioned sheriffs hat and badge, and I think that'll make him more like a sheriff.

08-29-2017 08:25 AM
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Furthermore, it'd be great if, whenever possible, humanoid NPCs would wear clothes of the same colour as their ASCII counterpart.

09-06-2017 07:25 AM
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Fixed Terinyo NPCs:

- Farmers now wear brown with a green finish (similar to goodwives)
- Sheriff is noticeably blue, and overall a neater sprite. (Sorry, no hat)
- Fixed a slight glitch with the Goodwife sprite

I'm closing this. Feel free to open a new RFE about sprite color-ASCII color matching. Would be very grateful for specific examples of most confusing monsters in this regard. Seems like an easy QoL fix so why not ;)

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