Enter does not skip text?
issueid=4957 09-15-2017 11:43 AM
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Enter does not skip text?

It used to be that pressing enter when there is a more prompt skips straight to the end until the player can input something again. But now it seems to do nothing. Or is there an ADOM.CFG option that I missed? I have Message_Buffer_Mode = 0.
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Issue Number 4957
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
Category MS-DOS
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Priority 8
Affected Version ADOM 2.3.0 (r73)
Fixed Version ADOM 2.3.1
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09-15-2017 02:44 PM
The Creator
Message_Buffer_Mode is not even used anymore.

09-15-2017 02:47 PM
The Creator
What kind of messages where you trying to skip? Currently ADOM tries to enforce (more) at important points. So it might have been a message deemed very important by ADOM and thus ADOM didn't allow you to skip it...

09-15-2017 03:31 PM
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If it is not used then you should remove it from ADOM.CFG.

For just one quick example of long text that should be skipped by hitting enter, try generating a new character (a race & class combination that has a large starting inventory, such as a wizard) and dropping all your stuff in one go ("d" then "1", compare ":d" then "+" in 1.1.1). Enter does NOTHING. Only spacebar advances text. I haven't found any text that could be advanced by pressing enter.

09-15-2017 10:10 PM
The Creator
Then this seems to be a DOS bug, but not a general bug as it works on my Mac.

09-16-2017 04:33 AM
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Suspected so. In that case let's hope it has been fixed by the PDCurses update: http://www.adom.de/forums/project.ph...4956#note32009

09-17-2017 09:28 AM
jt jt is offline
This is now fixed for DOS and Linux.

I'm not really sure why this didn't work anymore the way it worked before. Even looking at the (very few) changes to the IO functions didn't reveal any specific cause. The "enter" key handling was just missing. Very odd...

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