Both > lead to ADD after dwarven portal is opened
issueid=5059 09-19-2017 12:08 PM
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Both > lead to ADD after dwarven portal is opened

I made it to the antedeluvian dungeon, and cleared everything except the juggernauts (those things are nasty!).

Then I tried to explore the other > (the one that existed before I opened the portal), and it also led to ADD. Now both downstairs lead to the ADD, the rest of the dungeon is gone.

Savegame attached.
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Issue Number 5059
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
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Affected Version ADOM 2.3.1
Fixed Version ADOM 2.3.2
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09-19-2017 05:19 PM
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Was that game started in 2.3.0? If so I'm sorry. There was a stupid problem in 2.3.0. Should not happen with fresh games in 2.3.1 (at least it doesn't in my tests).

09-19-2017 05:54 PM
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Yes, it was started in 2.3.0. No worries then. I'm still trying to resolve the Rolf quest with the same character...

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