Simplify character generation
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Simplify character generation

Currently the character generation process in ADOM is a kind of all or nothing approach - learn complex customization or handle the deadliness of ADOM. The next release will feature four "difficulty modes":
  • Tutorial (as today, with more / enhanced tooltips)
  • Easy (using the new settings defined in, and as follows: hunger - debilitating, die balance - pampered, talents - predefined; additionally attributes and star signs will be selected randomly to reduce the character generation process to the four steps (1) gender selection, (2) race selection, (3) profession selection and (4) name).
  • Classic (roguelike) - the ADOM gameplay style you know with the predefined steps (1) star sign, (2) gender, (3) race, (4) class, (5) talents and (6) name.
  • Personalized - the customization screen as you know it (with the two new and one refined setting mentioned above) allowing you to truly personalize your ADOM experience. Here you can configure your personal preferred style of playing ADOM and both the easy and the classic mode can be fine-tuned here or you can define your own mode.

Naturally the other modes (crowd, renamed to network; exploration mode and weekly challenge mode) are still present.
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09-24-2017 04:59 PM
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Auto-selecting Candle might be better than choosing a random star sign. Month of the candle makes the game much more forgiving, especially early-on.

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