No way to equip stone heart to get its intrinsics
issueid=5113 09-25-2017 06:06 PM
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No way to equip stone heart to get its intrinsics

According to greater identify the stone heart "Bergbringer" grants several intrinsics, but it can't be equipped in the tool slot to gain them (and it doesn't grant them when wielded or used as a missile).
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Issue Number 5113
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Fixed Version ADOM 2.3.4
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10-04-2017 08:10 PM
The Creator
Artifact tools now grant their special abilities when equipped in the tool slot. Fixed.

10-05-2017 05:02 AM
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Nice. pickaxes too? Does a pickax grant its intrinsics in both weapon and tool slot?

10-05-2017 01:43 PM
The Creator
Pick axes are rated as 1H weapons, not tools.

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