Crash after using potion of exchange on monster
issueid=5148 10-02-2017 01:55 AM
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Crash after using potion of exchange on monster

EDIT: It seems like the amount of real-time taken between wishing for the monster and throwing the potion is a factor. Doing the targeting very quickly results in the crash.

Threw a potion of exchange at a wished-for wild cat on SDC:1. After displaying the message "The wild cat suddenly disappears and something else appears as a replacement!" the game crashed with the error message "Invalid major monster action: 7".
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Issue Number 5148
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
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Priority 1 - Highest
Affected Version ADOM 2.3.3
Fixed Version ADOM 2.3.4
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10-04-2017 02:19 PM
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Nasssssssty bug, sis one is. You be experimenting too much :-D

Tested and fixed.

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