HUD boxes sometimes display unrelated value
issueid=5229 10-07-2017 07:01 AM
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HUD boxes sometimes display unrelated value

Sometimes the box that displays my level and the XP bar displays 'Ma' where the level number should be. Another time it displayed '96'
In the attached screenshot, both the level box and the DV box display 'Dx'.
Also seen: the value '81' under St.

Edit: attached an even more egregious example.
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Issue Number 5229
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
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Priority 1 - Highest
Affected Version ADOM 2.3.4
Fixed Version ADOM 3.0.3
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10-21-2017 07:19 AM
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Maybe it is the background story modifiers getting applied mistakenly to point-buy? I just made a dwarven WS and in point-buy increased my Le by 5 points, but my background says I was "very lazy" and I ended up with only Le = 11.

12-04-2017 05:47 PM
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Fixed by Zeno. It was a caching problem in NotEye.

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