Mouse tooltips staying on screen indefinitely
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Mouse tooltips staying on screen indefinitely
As per the title

Tooltips stay on screen if one doesn't move the mouse. They even propagate further between different maps.

I enter a plain wilderness square, move my mouse to a grass square (or any other), and let the tooltip show up. From now on I don't touch the mouse, leave the location, go to Terinyo, and the tooltip's still there. Not in a constant location on the screen, but rather constantly at the exact same spot relative to the map (which stays the same when I move, that is, the tooltip moves as the displayed section of the map does). As long as I don't move the mouse, the tooltip stays the same, and shows up on the world map, any wilderness location, town or dungeon level at the exact same spot.

Based on further testing:
1. The only events that remove the tooltip are moving the mouse or switching to another window (and back). Using the keyboard, opening menus, even clicking with the mouse does nothing. Not even quitting the game and creating a new character affects it.
2. Moving the mouse is only effective to get rid of the tooltip if it happens on one of the maps or ingame screens. Main menu style menus (e.g. by pressing Esc, or the main menu itself upon quitting the game) block this: the tooltip turns invisible, but no matter what you do with the mouse, after you go back to the map (possibly after even creating a new character), the tooltip's still there in its old position. Yes/No prompts, quest popups have the same effect. So do "(more)" prompts in the message buffer.
3. If however the mouse moves on the map, or on a pickup/drop screen, inventory screen, spell selection screen etc., basically anything that doesn't overlay an additional layer blocking mouse input on the whole game screen, then the tooltip won't be on the map the next time you switch to the map.

4. The tooltips corresponding to the HUD icons also stay on screen if you leave your mouse over them (even though the cursor itself disappears), but that's less of a problem, since: a) these remain in relevant positions, and stay correct on all maps, because b) if you switch maps, and the icon on which you originally left the cursor changes as, say, you enter the world map, and thus the auto-explore option disappears, then the tooltip updates or disappears to reflect what HUD element is under the (still invisible) cursor at the moment (if it disappeared because no HUD icon was under it at the moment, and then the number of icons increases again, the tooltip reappears with the appropriate content). Since it's less clear that this is undesirable, I separate it from the rest, but it can provide clues as to where to look for the problem in the code.

See also:
But given the amount of additional information, I saw fit to create a new post and separate the bug part from the suggestion into a bug report.

Recommended fix:
Moving on the map, opening inventory screen, popups, opening menus, changing maps (and possibly other actions I haven't thought of) should discard the tooltip.
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10-18-2017 09:42 AM
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The tooltip now fades out at the same time as the mouse pointer. It also is removed once the mouse position changes to another tile.

This petition for a change to Unconfirmed is currently pending
12-06-2017 12:54 PM
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I noticed that there is one more, very minor quibble I have left here. If you open up a menu that blocks the screen, say, the inventory screen, while a tooltip is shown, move the mouse away while the menu is open, and then quit the menu while the cursor is displayed, the mouse position indicator (the 4 marks in the corners of the tile) instantly moves to the new position properly, but the originally present tooltip is shown until either the cursor moves on the map or fades away. Note that this applies to version 2.3.8, but I find it unlikely this particular area was touched since then.

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