UI/UX: Add "drop" quick hint if the burden level increases
issueid=5403 10-17-2017 08:52 PM
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UI/UX: Add "drop" quick hint if the burden level increases

Add a "'d' to drop excessive weight" quick hint that gets displayed as soon as the burden level increases.
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Issue Number 5403
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Suggested Version ADOM 2.3.6
Implemented Version ADOM 2.3.6
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10-17-2017 09:00 PM
Junior Member
Could be, but phrase it in a way that doesn't sound like "Burdened" is that much of a problem. Possibly when the player reaches Burdened level (if not already Burdened from the beginning), just inform them that higher encumbrance levels slow them down somewhat. At Strained is where the 'd'rop hit could be shown -- maybe, if the player has low enough Str to benefit from it, subtly hinting at the advantages, something like this: "You are now Strained. Have you considered 'd'ropping items you don't need? Then again, the benefits of physical exercise can not be overstated..."

10-17-2017 10:03 PM
Ancient Member
I think the quick hints TB is referring to only list the command, e.g. "d to drop" instead of any full sentences.

10-23-2017 09:10 PM
The Creator
Added a simple drop hint once your burden level exceeds "burdened". The tutorial already contains some explanations about how burden levels work.

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