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The Adom Logo Contest

While I have a great deal of respect for the incumbent graphic, and will always treasure it as an enduring symbol of roguelike excellence, times and technologies have changed, and rather than considering it "sacred" (and thus mandatory), we should now proceed to finally bring this site the rest of the way into the twenty-first century. It is my strong and considered opinion that Adom needs a new logo to go with the new website, and I have an idea as to how to go about obtaining a good one.

The best (and most principal) feature of the new website design lies in its upgrade to thoroughly modern principles: it is, above all else, big on user-generated content. To the same end and in the same spirit of competitive cooperation that fuels this forum, I propose a contest.

A separate category would be created caled "Logo Contest," in which members offering graphical submissions would start their own thread for each of them, so that votes and comments could be made on it. Thomas, of course you would be the final judge, since we are, after all, doing this for you.

In terms of long-range potential, if successful and popular enough, this sort of thing could be done again in the future for other, similar creative projects, perhaps involving (for example) different varieties and/or topics of Adom art.
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