Nerf mushrooms
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Nerf mushrooms

It's possible to farm mushrooms to gain 99 in several attributes, limitless wish-level speed boosts, knowledge of every skill and spell, limitless PoCC-level corruption removal, limitless PV, limitless HP, and limitless PP. They also drop quite frequently, so massive rewards can be obtained by investing very little effort.

I suggest the following changes be made:

1. Make some of the more powerful mushrooms only be dropped by the fungoid overlord. The overlord would drop 1d3-1 of each of these types, and they would otherwise only be obtainable by wishing. Mushrooms that should be limited in this way:
  • mushroom of indomitability (increases and boosts willpower; doesn't respect potential)
  • mushroom of hardiness (increases and boosts toughness; doesn't respect potential)
  • muscle mushroom (increases and boosts strength; doesn't respect potential)
  • mushroom of the glow (increases and boosts appearance; doesn't respect potential)
  • mushroom of resilience (increases PV)
  • mushroom of ecstasy (boosts speed)
  • mushroom of purity (removes corruption)
  • mushroom of inner light (grants skill/spell knowledge)

2. Make some of the farmable mushrooms weaker:
  • mushroom of immobility - cap the strength and willpower gains at 20.
  • mushroom of the swirly mind - cap the learning gains at 20.

3. Halve the drop rate for the farmable mushrooms. I think this would give about the right effort-to-power ratio for the remaining limitless mushrooms.
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11-22-2017 06:18 AM
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I have applied these changes (and a few more).

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