WMoPC in Thieves Guild
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WMoPC in Thieves Guild

Tried my first run through the Thieves Guild to kill Yergius today with a level 10 character - two writhing masses, at least, spawned as I was still trying to find my way through the doors.
Surely the thieves should know where their own corruption traps are and not constantly walk into them? At least not after the first time.
Plus it's nearly guaranteed one is going to turn up unless you're playing someone who can power through the doors with magic, brawn or thief skill (ie, maybe half the classes).
It's a severely massive danger boost to what is otherwise a well developed area so is a way to either remove corruption traps entirely or at least let the human-intelligence thieves stay back when they find one?
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01-18-2018 10:51 AM
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First all why would they want to have corruption traps at all?
Secondly, monsters don't seem to remember traps they've discovered at all. Neither they tend yo avoid them like player tries. Having them at least some awareness would be nice although it might be challenging to implement...

01-21-2018 09:48 AM
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I think that having corruption traps adds flavour to the game, especially seeing another mob getting corrupted to death by it. I suggest that:
1) thieves in that area should avoid all their own traps, i.e Pyramid/Minotaur-maze mob logic;
2) WMoPCs should scale much harder to current DL. Currently, WMoPCs are certain death to low-level PCs regardless of the DL they are on. They should be much easier if met at an early DL.

02-12-2018 01:16 PM
The Creator
Members of the thieves guild already were meant to ignore traps. But I forgot to activate that feature for newly created wandering monsters. This now has been fixed.

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