trick door (exploding rune) did non-fatal fatal damage
issueid=6028 02-16-2018 07:22 PM
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trick door (exploding rune) did non-fatal fatal damage

I saw the health go negative but then in the aftermath i was stunned and with 1 hp.
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Issue Number 6028
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
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Priority 3
Affected Version ADOM 3.1.0
Fixed Version ADOM 3.1.1
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02-16-2018 08:23 PM
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Some similar weirdness found with booby trap doors. I found one when I was on 18 hp, then first dropped to 6 hp, then 1 due to the fireball. For some reason damage happened twice.

Another booby trap took me down from 70 HP (full health) first down to 33, then 6. Not really the "merciful" trap behaviour which was supposed to be implemented :)

02-20-2018 04:27 PM
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I've had the damage happen twice as well.

02-21-2018 06:14 PM
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Stone block traps from doors also do insane damage. Took me from 135 -> 13. Not sure if there was two damages occurring here.

03-01-2018 06:01 PM
The Creator
Fixed lots of weird side effects and reworked my implementation. Should be much better now.

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