Invert or unlink the effect of high/low appearance on corruption removal
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Invert or unlink the effect of high/low appearance on corruption removal

Instead of modifying the amount of corruption removed from sources by 100/(90 + Appearance), modify it by (90 + Appearance)/100, or just don't modify it at all.

Appearance right now increases your 'corruption tolerance', which both decreases the amount of corruption received as well as decreases the amount of corruption removed. As far as I can tell, these two things even out when you're looking at it from the perspective of resource allocation. So what do I gain from having high ap at the start?

Here's what you LOSE by having high ap at the start: stats like strength and toughness are blatantly more useful at the start of the game, and your willpower, learning, and perception potentials that you'll be dealing with for the majority of your game are determined by how high you pump them up initially. All of these also have noteworthy drawbacks to having them low. Every point that you *dont* take out of appearance and put into one of these stats is a wasted stat point.

Inverting the appearance and the corruption removal modifier like this would double down on the link between appearance and corruption, so you both acquire more corruption and have a harder time getting rid of it if you're low ap, and inversely acquire less corruption and get rid of it easier if you have high ap. It would give you a reason to not want to stray too low, and give you a reason to want it high. It might make very high ap characters have too easy of a time dealing with corruption, I'm not 100% sure, but again that would be in exchange for other starting stats that are still wildly more useful than pumping ap would be, which imo is a fair trade off. It might make some +ap modifiers on items not meaningless.

Unlinking appearance from the corruption removal modification would have a similar effect without doubling down on it. You'd acquire more corruption if you're low ap, and you'd acquire less if you're high ap, but you'd remove the same amount of corruption with high appearance as you would with low appearance. It would give you a reason to care, but might not have as dramatic of an impact on the stat.

Right now it *feels worse* playing with high ap because clearing a list of corruptions takes more resources than clearing the same length list of corruptions with low ap, even if on paper it makes sense. High appearance characters probably even have incentive right now to swap on mummy wrapping and a bunch of rusty gear just to lower your appearance before using corruption removal, which seems completely backwards to me.
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High AP now simplifies corruption removal.

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