Resurrection powers don't work during multi-turn actions
issueid=6279 07-12-2018 01:55 AM
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Resurrection powers don't work during multi-turn actions

If you are killed in the middle of a multi-turn action (e.g. eating, reading a spellbook), amulet of life saving and the necromancer level 50 power will not save you.
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Issue Number 6279
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
Category Windows 10 (Steam)
Status Fixed
Priority 2
Affected Version ADOM 3.2.2
Fixed Version ADOM 3.3.1
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09-12-2018 01:32 PM
The Creator

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09-18-2018 04:47 PM
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This is still an issue in 3.3.0.

09-24-2018 06:41 AM
The Creator
Do you have a save file? I'm doing something wrong - for me it works...

09-24-2018 06:48 AM
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Attached a save. Character is wearing an amulet of life saving and standing next to a hostile greater moloch. Attempting to remove body armor should allow you to reproduce the issue.

09-24-2018 06:58 AM
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Weirdly enough, this save has given me a way to reliably reproduce 6311:
  1. Load the save and die by unequipping the body armor.
  2. Load the save and bring up some pop-up boxes (Enter menu, esc menu, etc).

09-24-2018 08:15 AM
The Creator
LOL... I was testing with the same situation... AoLS and greater moloch... I'm very curious to see why your game behaves differently than mine...

09-24-2018 11:21 AM
The Creator
Now really fixed. I couldn't find other side effects but this multi-turn stuff is really ugly. We need to be vigilant.

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