Green slime corpse
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Green slime corpse
Error #200: trying to eat an unkown corpse type

I had just cleared out a mixed tension room on ID:8, and among the pile of bodies was a green slime corpse.
I was unaware slimes could leave corpses, so I happily chowed it down, just to find that in fact they do not.

Edit: Okay, I restored my save from the most recent au backup, which was two floors below it. Upon reaching ID:8 again, there was another mixed tension room, and this time a stone statue corpse. I've attached the svg, I'm standing on the corpse.

Second edit: Something's gone pear-shaped here. I left the Infinite Dungeon, entered Rolf's castle, and the stone statues and golems are leaving corpses, that are further being cooked by fire bolts and rotting. I've attached the bak, most recent au, and current svg, maybe if you play them you can replicate it and see why they're dropping corpses.
I'm not ditching this save though, this character's had insane luck and he's all set up to go to Andy's house and read a scroll of entropy.
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09-12-2018 09:38 AM
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Finally found it.

During your adventures you happened to encounter and activate the following statue:
You stumble upon a statue. It resembles two entangled snakes in the act of
swallowing each other tail, shaped like a lemniscate. An inscription at
the bottom reads: "The only way life can stay alive is to devour other
life. Nothing is sacred."

There is a bug in the implementation of this state that suddenly allows the creation of arbitary corpses. As those corpses are functionally not implemented you get crashes.


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