Halt Drop on Altars That Aren't Co-Aligned
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Halt Drop on Altars That Aren't Co-Aligned
Stop dropping items on Altar when deity summons, curses, or consumes.

If a player is dropping a stack of items on to an altar that isn't co-aligned, the action should be halted when the deity summons monsters, curses an item, or consumes the item. Currently, items continue to drop and trigger effects. Ideally, the drop should halt when the "Get your junk off my altar" warning is first issued.

The issue can be seen in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcqKgHT8uaw

In the video a stack of items are dropped by a lawful PC onto a neutral altar. An item is cursed, rats are summoned, and then, finally, the drop is halted when a cloak of invisibility is consumed. There are several warning messages provided throughout the stack drop.
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