Mad Minstrel songs
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Mad Minstrel songs
Some extras to fit into the game

Wrote these several years ago and I don't think I ever RFE'd them...

Khelavaster, my dreams of thee have been dark of late,
And I fear that you are doomed to a terrible fate,
The forces you battle grow in strength and cunning,
But ever you insist on fighting not running.
What can save you now from certain death?
What can save your life at its very last breath?
But then what force can save any of us in any battle or strife?
What hope can cure anyone at the end of their life...?
Guth'alak, what tales you do tell
Of druids black and creatures fell,
But I see the true aim in your quest so "pure",
Always you seek to balance nature:
A druid is vanquished, but a healer is hidden,
So of good and evil the world is ridden.
But be careful, kind druid, when balancing the scales,
As nature won't save you from all your ails...
Hey you - yes, YOU!  Can you hear me from over there?
How many fingers am I holding up?
If you can't see six you're blind as a pup!
But it could help in some places up high you may fare
For if you really can't tell if it's day or night,
And you can't see friend from foe or stranger,
You won't need the will to walk through danger,
And what you can't see can't possibly hurt you, right?
Whatever happened to honour amongst thieves?
    Cloaked in the dark, run a knife through his back...
What twinges their hearts and causes them grieves?
    Catch him unawares and then stab and hack...
When you've learned all you can, do you need a master?
    You can gain power if the right blood you spill...
Who will take over when he faces disaster...?
    Steal his title when you finish the kill...
Ayssia's horn did start to toot,
Corellius followed in tune with his flute,
But Lol'th got annoyed and told them to mute,
And the One couldn't play a thing!

Onn bashed hard on his big heavy drum,
Istaria plucked on a harp with her thumb,
But Ssraxx thought the whole thing was dumb,
And the One couldn't even sing!

Issrecht played her mandoline slow,
Whilst Morodwyn tried to clean his oboe,
But Vagrak laughed and jeered at the show,
And the One raged at everything!

And if high and low you seek to roam,
You'll find the tune written in a very weird tome,
But with the music as it was meant to be played...
Bring it here and you'll be well-paid!
PS. There's some display bugs in several current songs - paragraphs split up between the "Elements/Five keys" and "Whether champion or fallen" songs, and the R Howard song doesn't multipage properly.
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Nice lyrics really! Only see them for the first time now ;)

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