Breakable/alterable artifacts
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Breakable/alterable artifacts
Kicking, the poison hands corruption and cursed scrolls of repair can affect normally indestructible artifacts.

Kicking and the poison hands corruption can break and alter the artifact potion of literacy, even though artifacts are indestructible and immutable. Cursed scrolls of repair can break any other artifacts.

How to reproduce it
Potion of literacy: 1) drop the potion on the floor. Move a square away from it. Try to kick the square the potion is on: it'll be shattered and lost. 2) attempt to drink or pick the potion of literacy up with the poison hands corruption, and without thick gauntlets. It'll be turned into a potion of posion.
Any other artifact: read a cursed scroll of repair and select the artifact as the item to "repair". It'll break. Using a non-cursed scroll on the same item will fix it back.

The potion of literacy "harmlessly bounces off" monsters and doesn't break upon hitting the floor like regular potions do.

The scroll of repair exploit can be used to mass-bless sis this way.
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Same is true of Crystal Phial.

02-06-2012 09:36 PM
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In addition:

When using the Weaponsmith's level 6 class power to melt items down, if only one or more artifacts are selected, "You can't melt down the -artifact-." appears, and the item stays on the player's inventory. However, if a non-artifact item is selected in addition, the corresponding "You can't melt down the -artifact-." messages are displayed - yet the artifacts disappear from the player's inventory and don't even count towards the amount of ingots greated. (RFE 3593)

02-22-2012 07:52 PM
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In addition:

The phial of Caladriel and potion of literacy can be lost by using them as Alchemy ingredients.

03-07-2012 08:00 PM
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In addition:

The potion of literacy can be lost by transforming it into poison with the Assassin's level 6 class power.

10-12-2012 07:59 PM
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- kicking glass artifacts doesn't destroy them anymore (potion of literacy, phial of Caladriel)
- melting artifacts is not possible anymore (Weaponsmith class power)
- drinking the potion of literacy with the poison hands corruption and without thick gauntlets
- reading a cursed scroll of repair doesn't destroy artifacts anymore
- potion of literacy can't be turned into potion of poison anymore (Assassin class power)
- using artifacts for alchemy is not possible anymore

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