Talent quirks
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Talent quirks
The pre-requisites for some talents should be changed.

The acquisition conditions of some talents should be changed. For example:

* The Mithril Skin talent can be acquired without having Steel Skin, even though the manual says otherwise.
* Illiterate PCs can acquire the Good Book Learner talent. This would essentially make them good at something they can't do. The Literacy skill should be a prerequisite for it.
* "Lightning Shot: Archery of 60+ and Quick Shot are not enough to make this talent available. Possibly you need Keen Shot as well." -- r.g.r.a. bug list
* "Alert and Keen Shot and 3 missile weapon talents are sometimes not enough to make Missile Weapon Master talent available. Possibly only Affinity with Slings, Bows and Cross-Bows are considered as missile weapon talents." -- r.g.r.a. bug list

How to reproduce it
See above.

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03-13-2012 02:50 PM
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40-50% on Charged? ... That's a bit too much. 15-20% sounds about right.

03-14-2012 03:11 AM
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Yeah, 40-50% is crazy. Max concentration gives around 60%. 99 concentration is probably <50%.

I'd probably put it at 15%.

03-14-2012 03:29 AM
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Quote Originally Posted by JellySlayer
Max concentration gives around 60%.
Since Charged only kicks in when you haven't gained any PP this turn, I initially thought a 40% chance of a further 40-50% chance to gain one point was relatively tame... but I guess it is excessive, yes. I didn't consider that with sub-treshold Concentration, Charged would be too effective.

03-14-2012 11:57 AM
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The more pressing issue is characters without Concentration - a 50% Charged talent would effectively replace a 100 Concentration score, and that just doesn't feel right to me.

03-14-2012 02:55 PM
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If we include balance issues like talents that are useless in the bug list, the bug list will grow substantially.

03-19-2012 04:18 PM
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I agree with grobble, actually. This isn't really a bug--Charged works as intended; its effect is just very weak.

While I would love to see a rebalancing of the talents, I think that this should probably be left for 1.2.1, as there are many talents that probably could use upgrades or additions besides Charged. Good looks, Mechanically Inclined, the Pious line, Silver Tongue, and Healthy, come to mind as some examples.

03-31-2012 09:23 PM
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I removed the stuff pertaining to unbalanced, rather than buggy, talents.

12-11-2012 02:51 PM
The Creator
The observation about lightning shot is incorrect. It works as described. Otherwise fixed (sometimes in the manual, sometimes in the code).

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